Harold Diaz


Round Hole Square Peg. Photo LA, Artists Corner Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. Jan - Feb2016

Group Show46: F*cked Up, Humble Arts Foundation. Online Exhibit by Jon Feinstein, Sept.2015 http://hafny.org/group-show-46-fcked-up/

Evidence. Format International Photography Festival. Derby, UK. March -April 2015

International Weird Collage Show. The Invisible Dog Art Center. Brooklyn, NY. April - May2014

The Age of  Collage. Contemporary Collage in Modern Art. Feinkunst Kruger Gallery. Hamburg,Germany. March 2014

Patchbox  Project. CARGO. Rome, Italy. Oct - Dec 2013

Banana Leaves, Black Box Programme. Nofound Photo Fair. Paris, France. Nov. 2011


The Age of Collage Vol. 2, Contemporary Collage in Modern Art. Gestalten Publishing, Feb.2016

UNLOCKED Research and Project, Atopos. Jan. 2016

Secret Behavior, Issue: 01, Anonymity. Sept. 2013

The Age ofCollage, Contemporary Collage in Modern Art. Gestalten Publishing, August 2013

Appeal, Sova 4 Magazine. Sept. 2012

Romka 5 Magazine. Jan. 2010


"Demigods Demons Doorways Microwaves, Looking Back Looking Forward" Curated byHarold Diaz. Atembooks/Impossible Colour, Sept. 2013

"HD NY- THOMAS McCARTY", Photographer Thomas McCarty interviewed by Harold Diaz. Magenta Magazine. Sept. 2014                                                                    http://www.magentamag.com/post/97123829985/hd-ny-thomas-mccarty-more-when-viewing


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Spleen Magazine 02, Feb. 2014                                                                                    http://issuu.com/spleenmagazine/docs/spleenmagazine02_single

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